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    Marklin cast a spell at Edward, who dove at just the right moment out of the way. The wall that was behind Edward was now charred.
       “And that was… ?” Marklin asked.
       “I panicked, alright?!” Edward called back. Marklin shook his head and helped Edward up.
       “You only need to use ‘protego,’” Marklin told him. He showed Edward once again how to use the spell.
       “It’d be a lot easier if you announced your spells,” Edward snapped.
       “Our enemy isn’t going to announce everything, so you need to watch their wand and block at the appropriate time!” Marklin called.
       He snapped a spell at Edward.
       Edward dove again.
       “Wrong!” Marklin started snapping spell after spell at Edward, who dodged from them but was now backed up into a corner.
       “PROTEGO!” Edward screamed, flicking out his wand. A large shield formed and reflected Marklin’s spells back at him. Marklin was hit by his several incendios.
       Marklin leaned up from the ground, “You have a good protego!” he chimed, ignoring the burns in his chest. Edward was panicking.
        Marklin stood, healing his chest quickly with some silent charms. He walked over to Edward. “I’m not hurt anymore, and I wasn’t badly hurt in the first place. I’m just going to need to fix up my clothes later,” Marklin informed, and Edward calmed a bit seeing that he wasn’t hurt.
       “What did you two do now?!” the teacher screamed, walking in.
They both looked over and Edward started to panic.
       “Edward just performed his first protego!” Marklin exclaimed, and the teacher was blank.
       “Go to the nurse!” they blasted, and Marklin just rolled his eyes.
       “I’m fine, my clothes are just a bit charred up… ” Marklin told them. The teacher looked him in the eye, confused.
       “You’re covered in blood!” they yelled, grabbing both Marklin and Edward and dragging them by the ear down to the medical wing.
       “Marklin, what did you do this time?!” Kathie growled.
       “Well, Edward just performed his first Protego! A strong one, as well!” Marklin twittered. The nurse ran over and looked over Marklin, smiling.
       “You're getting talented with burns!” she peeped, and Marklin smiled.
       “Thank you!” Marklin chirped  back. The nurse swiftly flicked her wand out.
       “Reparo!” she called. Marklin’s clothing repaired quickly as he smiled.
       “Thank you, ma’am,” he thanked quickly.


       “I am sad to announce that our humble school is to be closing!” the headmaster called. “But, we have been offered the chance to send every student to one of the best schools in the world…  Hogwarts!” he added as the students all erupted into cheers. “You will all be accepted to Hogwarts, no matter what age, talent, or bloodline!” he continued, and they all calmed down. “And as a farewell to the school, all final exams are canceled!”
       They all cheered happily.


       Marklin held the file in his hands as he walked alongside his sister.
       “You have to give that to the headmaster! He can’t deny you,” Katie told him.
He sighed. A group caught his eye.
       “Hey!” Marklin called, walking over to the group with Kathie following closely behind him.
       “Hey, Marklin, what have you been up to?” James called.
       “Our families made us go to a muggle camp and see muggle therapists,” Marklin informed. They all said how they were sorry for them.
       “My parents tried to get me to date a pureblood!” Gordon snapped.
Suddenly the whistle rang out and the group jumped into the train. They had all settled into the seats when Edward burst into the compartment.
       “Did you know you were supposed to have an animal?!” Edward yelled, and they all laughed.
       “Did you practice your spells this summer?” Marklin asked the panicking blonde.
       “Yeah, yeah of course…  but, I mean, I don’t have something I actually really need for class!” Edward squeaked, and they all rolled their eyes and groaned in annoyance.
       “You want a toad?” Marklin asked. He drew his wand and flicked it at Edward’s hands. Suddenly a toad was quietly croaking in his palms. Edward stared at it quietly, his face full of astonishment.
       “It’s kinda’ cute…” Edward commented, sitting down next to James.
       “Have you started trying to control your protego?” Marklin asked, and Edward nodded.
       “I stopped deflecting everything back, but sometimes I just can’t control it,” Edward informed.
       “We can work more on different defense spells and charms,” Marklin told him. Edward nodded, still holding the toad in his palms. Marklin flicked his wand at it and it evaporated instantly into the air.
       “W-w-what’d you do?!” Edward squealed, suddenly overtaken by fear.
       “He’s now in a cage with all of your other school stuff,” Marklin reassured, and Edward quieted down, sinking back into the seat.
       “So…  what’s with the file?” James asked Marklin as he intertwined his and Edward's arms together.
       “The therapist told me to give it to our new headmaster,” Marklin mumbled. They all nodded and dove into conversation.


       “This year, we have have been joined by the students of the now closed school, the North-Western Academy of Special Magic Arts!” Dumbledore announced to the students gathered in the great hall. “And now that our first years have been sorted, they will have to be sorted! I have allowed the students of the North-Western Academy to keep their old school’s crest as an addition to their house’s crest; they chose not to attend our school, but were forced by their school’s budget being cut,” he added. The two lines of new students walked into the hall. Most were nervously buzzing about.
       “Precious mudbloods!” some student called through the hall.
       “Go back to your ‘no wizard left behind’ nursery!” another called. The hall started buzzing in agreement until Dumbledore slammed his hand down, the sound echoing through the large hall.
       “Silence!” he shouted. “These fine young wizards and witches are no different because they have chosen to go to their local school or because they choose schools for specialty arts!” he yelled. The crowds died down.
       “Now, let the sorting begin again!”


       Marklin walked up to the stool and sat -- he had the hat set upon his head gently.
       ‘Ooh, tricky, tricky… You're a bright one; yes, sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood. You could be great -- yet, you don’t want to be. Oh, what a shame, what a shame…  I could put you in a house with your friends and your sister, but they’d distract you. You’re not talking back, good boy. You’d be led to greatness in any house. But which house will lead you to your greatest potential? In Gryffindor you’d be encouraged to be stronger, but you’re already strong. In Ravenclaw, you’d be encouraged to be more clever, but you are a clever boy already, I can see. In Hufflepuff, you’d be encouraged to work harder, but you work hard already. No…  no, you need ambition, and more creativity around you. You need to let yourself become the pioneer of charms and dueling that you’re meant to be,’ Marklin heard faintly in his head.
       “Slytherin!” the hat called loudly.
Marklin felt himself freeze. He looked over at his sister but stood up tall and wearily walked over to the Slytherin table, slightly trembling in nervousness.


       “I can’t believe he’d be a Slytherin!” Kathie whispered to Jasper.
       “I can see it…  kinda’, as he is really creative and powerful. I bet it was a strong toss up between Gryffindor and Slytherin,” Jasper told her.
       “I’m just… really worried about him. He’s never really had to be completely on his own before like that. Only him and some of the diesels from North-Western were placed there… it just doesn’t sound right for a someone like him… ” Kathie muttered darkly.
       “I’m sure that he’ll be fine! We’ll be able to see him,” assured Jasper. Suddenly there was an explosion of yelling.
       “Jasmine! Jasmine Helix!” an older student called. He was holding a scroll of names and where they were going to dorm for the term. They had been road-blocked by no one accepting this name.
       “Right here!” Jasper called. He picked up his bag and walked to the front of the group. The student laughed.
       “Okay… ha-ha, that’s funny, but we need Jasmine Helix, not you, kid,” they snapped.
       “I am ‘they’, and I’d figure they boarded me in with the girls! Not surprising, really. I haven’t had any work done yet, ” Jasper growled. There was silence for a few heartbeats.
       “You're in bed twenty-seven, next to Kathline Heisenberg,” the student said wearily. Kathie walked up with her stuff in hand, and the pair walked off to their beds.


       Marklin stood nervously in the hallway.
It had been an hour since he started standing there. He didn’t understand how to meet the headmaster.
Suddenly a hand fell upon his shoulder.
       “I’ve passed five times already. I’d a thought you were a statue if not for you shaking that violently. What do you want with Headmaster Dumbledore?” McGonagall spoke. Marklin jumped at her touch and voice, but he took a breath and calmed down enough to talk to her.
       “I-I was told to give this to my Headmaster and that he’d know w-w-what to do with it… ” Marklin said quietly, showing her the file. Professor McGonagall rolled her eyes lightly and smiled at Marklin.
       “I can pass it on to him --” She started to inform, but was cut off.
       “No need, professor, save your time. I can handle things from here,” Dumbledore cut in. He walked up to the gargoyle, and it stepped aside gracefully for him. He took a few steps into the stairwell and looked back.
       “Marklin Heisenberg, is it? Come with me, child,” Dumbledore said softly. Marklin ran up to his headmaster's side, who smiled at the boy. “I was reading your file, and I was just going to summon you to my office when I saw you were already here!” Dumbledore exclaimed with brightness.
They walked briskly into his office. Dumbledore sauntered to a desk and sat. Marklin sat opposite of his Headmaster.
       “Now, what did you wish to show me that is so important?” Dumbledore asked. Marklin shakily handed the file to his headmaster. Dumbledore took it and read it quickly.
       “A… a learning disability?” Dumbledore asked.
       “Y-yes, headmaster…  Autism, but mainly Aspergers. I-It’s high functioning so I--”
Dumbledore raised a hand and stopped Marklin’s speech dead in its tracks. He put the file down on the cluttered desk.
       “Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Marklin. While learning disabilities are typically associated with ‘muggles,’ they are becoming common among non-muggles. This actually explains what I wanted to talk to you about. You have exceptionally high test scores, but your cumulative grades overall are low for anyone your age,” Dumbledore said. “Because we are unfamiliar with how this works, we will start you in the average class for your year, and we will grade you based off what we see of your potential, such as weighting your test scores, along with helping you as much as we can and, even if we have to, get rid of assignments that you struggle with. I will talk will all your teachers, and we will start grading you based on what you can do for the standards and not what everyone else’s grading standards are,” Dumbledore informed.
Marklin took a gulp.
       “Sir, please don’t exempt me from work just because I’m different. I can work as well as everyone else, and it wouldn’t be fair!” Marklin said.
       Dumbledore looked confused for a moment, then smiled.
       “Well, Marklin, how else would you want us to help you?” he asked kindly.
       “Well, sir, I agree with focusing more on tests for my grades, but I find it hard to show work and take notes. That’s where I end up failing. I also get bored in classes because I can’t pass to get into the classes I should be in. I get stuck behind my talents, and in return, my grades fall lower because I get bored and I goof off,” Marklin told. Dumbledore nodded. “Also, sir, I learned over the summer that in muggle schools, they elect a certain a teacher to watch over muggle children and help form a learning pattern and grading system fair for them. Normally they have entire departments at muggle schools devoted to helping those children. I’m not saying you need to start a whole department for me, but I don’t see the harm in trying something that has worked for muggle children with the same disabilities I suffer from for decades with me… ” Marklin added.
       Dumbledore smiled at Marklin.
       “You care greatly about your learning, I can tell,  I think that we should have you take placement tests for your classes, and then form your learning around your strengths and weaknesses. Would that work well with you?” Dumbledore said with a smile. “I can see why they want you to be an Auror. You’re clever and you have excellent problem-solving skills,” he added.
       “Oh, and one last thing, sir, if it isn’t too much to ask--” Marklin peeped.
       “Of course, Marklin?” Dumbledore sighed gently.
       “For the last year, I have been tutoring one of my fellow wizards. They are an unconfident caster of spells, but wish to be an Auror. I would like to be aware of any rules against me teaching them?” Marklin asked.
Dumbledore laughed heartily.
       “I’m sure if you ask a professor to watch you two train for a bit, you two should be able to train unsupervised if they deem you two training safely,” Dumbledore informed.


       Marklin stood still the middle of the room. Edward stood across from him, holding his wand out nervously.
       “Just one incendio, and I’ll have a protego out. I just want you to try and hit me, that’s all,” Marklin told Edward. Edward cast several incendios but none reached as far as Marklin.
Marklin frowned. “Just try to hit me!” he yelled, flicking out a protego.
       “I said hit me!” Marklin screamed at Edward. Edward cast another incendio but it barely reached Marklin.
       “I said fucking hit me, faggot!” Marklin shrieked at the top of his lungs. Snape looked up from his book, shocked at the vulgar language.
       “INCENDIO!” Edward screamed.
The room filled with flames. Just before the wisps hit the professor, Marklin managed to throw a protection charm on him.
       “Marklin!” Snape called. Marklin was getting up onto his hands and knees slowly. He was covered head-to-toe in soot and char. Some blood was smeared on his clothing but he was fairly unscathed. He finished a few more charms on himself to clean up, but his uniform still looked roughed up slightly.
       Marklin looked at Edward, then started clapping the best he could.
       “You did it!” Marklin congratulated. Snape was dumbfounded by how Marklin was able to throw a charm on him and save himself. Edward started laughing awkwardly as he put his wand away.
       “I-I think we’ve done enough today… heh-heh,” Edward laughed nervously.
       “You did really well, but you just have to say your spells louder and not scream them, okay?” Marklin sighed. Edward walked up to Marklin and shook his hand.
       “Alright then, I’ll see you later!” Edward said, running off happily. Marklin smiled at Edward leaving. Snape was looking over Marklin.
       “Anything wrong, sir?” Marklin asked. Snape angled Marklin’s face to him.
       “H-how did you put a protection charm on me and yourself?” Snape asked.
       “I… didn’t?” Marklin answered. Snape looked at him with confusion.
       “Then… then how are you unscathed?” he asked.
       “Well, I threw a protection charm on you and once the flames died down, I cast some healing charms on myself. It’s as simple as that,” Marklin replied with mostly a blank facial expression.
       “You did that through pain?” Snape asked.
       “Non-verbal spells block the pain in the first place. Then, the rest are just what I know of healing burns,” Marklin informed the professor. Snape let go of Marklin.
       “You want to be an Auror, right?” Snape asked.
       “I want to be a healer,” Marklin informed. “Everyone just thinks that because I can duel I want to be an Auror, which isn’t true,” Marklin added. Snape nodded, then an internal smile formed.
       “Mr. Heisenberg, let’s go for a walk, if that’s fine with you,” Snape growled. He started away, and Marklin followed him.


       “He tested into most of our top classes, or even higher!” McGonagall exclaimed excitedly.
       “He’s an excellent non-verbal caster and an exceptional dueler. He would make a perfect auror with the right classes, but he wishes to be a healer and charmer instead… For some odd reason...” Snape added. Dumbledore nodded knowingly.
       “Minerva, do you still wish to take him under your wing?” Dumbledore asked.
       “He has a lot of potential and Severus is right. The only thing he tested low in is Transfiguration, and that’s only because his only school never taught him anything about it! He will be a powerful wizard, and I would be honoured to help him,” she said brightly.


       Marklin walked down the hallway quickly. He heard his name get called, so he turned towards the sound, naturally, which was why he walked right into that pack of Ravenclaws.
       “Hey, watch where you're going!” one snapped. Marklin backed up away from them.
       “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t see you… ” he whimpered as he put his bag back on his shoulder.
       “No you didn’t, mudblood! You’re from that wretched school, and you're just as wretched as the rest!” the student hissed. Marklin went to leave but some other students stopped him. Marklin struggled out of their grip but they held him face-to-face with the student. Marklin’s fight-or-flight instincts kicked and he left-hooked the student as fast as he could.
The student glared at Marklin, wiping blood that was streaming from his mouth and nose onto his sleeve.
       “Slugulus Eructo!” they snapped at Marklin, who fell to the ground and started to cough up slugs. McGonagall showed up in time to have seen everything.
       “M-Mr. Lublot! What was the meaning of any of that?!” she hissed.
Marklin leaned up just tall enough to draw his wand, aim it at him, and perform a silent spell.
       A blood-curdling scream echoed through the halls.


       “You do not hex people for making you vomit slugs!” Kathie scolded her older brother as she cleaned him up in the hospital wing. On the other side of the wing sat a screaming and crying Lublot, being de-hexed by Poppy Pomfrey and some actual staff.
McGonagall walked up to Marklin.
       “That was no ordinary hex… was it, Mr. Heisenberg?” she asked knowingly. Marklin looked down.
       “I mixed it with a healing charm… I’m in trouble, aren’t I?” Marklin admitted with a heavy pang of guilt weighing down on him. Kathie batted him over the head.
       “You could have killed someone!” his sister growled. Marklin looked down at the floor, avoiding eye contact as he started to tear up.
       “Actually, Miss Heisenberg, your brother saved Mr. Lublot's life,” McGonagall said.
Marklin  stared at her. Kathie nearly choked at this fact.
       “The only reason that the hex is still hurting him is because the healing charm was absorbed by a different ailment. He would have been dead in just months, but now that we know he can be sent off to be healed,” she added, sighing. “Twenty points to Slytherin for malicious healing! Now, Miss Heisenberg, if Mr. Heisenberg is well now, may he come with me?”
       “Of course, ma’am,” Kathie said. Before she left them, she glared at Marklin one last time. McGonagall led Marklin out into the courtyard. They started walking quietly together in the oddly quiet common area.
       “So…  Marklin, I’ve heard that you want to be a healer and a charmer, but I’ve also seen first-hand your powerful casts and good reaction time, even when in pain and danger,” McGonagall explained. “I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I’ve been elected to be your -- well, in ‘muggle’ terms -- case manager. And looking over your tests, you show promise in Transfiguration, but don’t seem to grasp it fully yet,” she added.
       “My tests are... done being graded already?” Marklin peeped.
       “Yes, I was wondering, since the only class you’re low in is Transfiguration, if you’d want some tutoring, I have a open spot on wednesdays.” She added, Marklin looked up at her.
       “Thank you, ma’am, I would enjoy the extra help.” Marklin said gratefully.
       “Good boy, I can start you off now with some basic knowledge, so you don’t start my class confused, now run back to your dorm before meeting me in my study, you smell like slugs.” She told, Marklin nodded and ran off smiling.


       Marklin was studying quietly in the library, when he felt someone pull him back by his hair.
       “We heard you hexed Martine. We haven’t seen him since!” One of the Ravenclaws barked, Marklin called out in sudden pain.
       “You killed him, didn’t you, mudblood!” Another called, they spread Marklins papers and books across the floor haphazardly.
       “I didn’t mean to!” Marklin cried, another Ravenclaw grabbed Marklin by his tie.
       “You didn’t mean to kill him? Sounds so honest, doesn't it boys,” One growled, they threw Marklin at the ground. One drew there wand.
       “Let’s see how you like it!” They screamed, they flicked a curse at Marklin.
       “PROTEGO!” Edward yelled, he threw a shield over Marklin, the curse bounced back at the Ravenclaws. Marklin got up, and smiled at Edward. McGonagall appeared and huffed. The Ravenclaws where struggling up, there clothing a bit burnt but nothing too damaging.
       “Hundred points off Ravenclaw, there was no need to jump and attempt to curse another student. No matter what you think they might have done!” She barked, they all ran off. She leaned down and helped Marklin and Edward pick up Marklins papers and books. She took interest in something. “A permanent gender transfiguration. That’s ambitious, it’s rarely been done, but you spell looks like it could work in theory.” She commented, he took the paper from her quickly, he then took a breath realizing who just told him that about his first attempt at a spell.
       “Sorry for snatching the paper ma’am, but do you really think it could work?” Marklin asked, Edward gave Marklin his things and left quickly.
       “If you want, we could discuss it over tea, what do you say?” McGonagall chirped gently to the adventuring student.


       “A spell to help a loved one, is worth the risk it may cause to others.” McGonagall told, Marklin nodded and took a breath. McGonagall nodded at Marklin, but just before he wa able to cast, the door opened.
       “I told you she’d gone loony!” Snape hissed, Dumbledore shook his head and smiled.
       “Testing spells again, Minerva?” Dumbledore asked.
       “I figured a transfiguration spell should be tested on someone who knows what they are doing.” She peeped, Marklin gulped and held his wand close to him.
       “Maybe someone who also knows transfiguration should watch.” Dumbledore concerned.
       “Maybe two people who know what they are doing should watch,” They both looked at Snape.
       “No.” He growled.
       “Come on, Servus, for the boy’s future.” She peeped.
       “He reminds me of you-”
       “He’s one of your own Slytherins, give the boy a chance.” She added, Snape took a breath. He faced Marklin.
       “Cast when you're ready.” Snape sighed, McGonagall and Dumbledore stood back from the two. Marklin drew his wand up, and silently cast a spell at his professor. With a flash of light, Snape was now different, softer edges, longer hair. “Can you turn me back?” Snape asked, it finally hit Marklin he did it.
       “He’ll be so happy!” Marklin scratched, he started to half, laugh half cry. The two elder wizards clapped for Marklin.
       “Can I be turned back please?” Snape asked, Marklin nodded quickly and reached for the notebook with the reverse charm. His hand hit a glass of water he had been drinking before casting and the ink of his quill ran off the pages so quick that Marklin had no chance to even recover the remedy for his first charm. There was quiet. “Can’t you just cast the first spell again? Will it change me back?” Snape asked, Marklin shook his head, no.


       Marklin burst into the classroom, McGonagall and Dumbledore behind him. He fumbled through his notes and cast a silent spell at Snape. Snape was back to normal suddenly, something he hadn’t been in over a week. Snape took a deep breath of relief and leaned against the desk next to him.
       “That, Mr. Heisenberg, is the last time I help you with spells.” Snape growled, Marklin took a breath.
       “I’m truly sorry for what happened with my spell, and I am still sorry for putting you in danger with my training.” Marklin said quietly.
       “Severus, the boy said he was sorry a million times, for both incidents! Remember when YOU where building your first spells?” McGonagall hissed, Snape backed down. She lead Marklin out of the classroom.
       “Don’t let him bother you, he’ll either love you in a few more months, or learn to love you by the end of your years here.” She comforted, Marklin put his wand away and clutched his notebooks.
       “I feel so bad for everything I’ve done to him!” Marklin cried softly, tears starting to prickle up in his eyes.
       “But what have you done to him? Helping a friend get more confident in his skills, you saved Snape's life, or at least his clothes, that day. This time, well, you made a spell to help your partner, and millions of other wizards, and you had an accident with the counter spell, your second spell, and now your new record of two great spells in a row.” She informed, Marklin nodded lightly. “Now, why don’t we go find Mr. Helix, and try out your first spell again?” She said gently.
       “I had an idea to make it, a, um... better ‘experience’ for him.” Marklin told her, she nodded and smiled at him.


       “It’s after curfew!” Jasper hissed as Marklin pulled him along a hallway. They got to the court yard, where it was lit by some enchanted lights. “We’re going to get in trouble!” Jasper hissed.
       “Close your eyes!” Marklin told.
       “No, I’m going back to my hall!” Jasper growled.
       “Please?” Marklin asked, Jasper rolled his eyes and closed them. Marklin cast a silent charm at Jasper. Jasper fell to his knees not expecting the surge of magic. Jasper opened his eyes and started feeling himself. He felt... relived, some how?.
       “Jasper, do you feel ok?” Marklin asked, he knelt down in front of his boyfriend. Jasper looked up at Marklin realizing what Marklin had done.
       “I love you!” Jasper called, he pulled Marklin into a deep long kiss. Jasper broke off from the kiss, his eyes sparkling.
       “So you're what happened to Snape.” Jasper laughed.
       “Yeah, I am.” Marklin told, they kissed again gently.
       “Ahem.” McGonagall coughed, Marklin backed off Jasper. “We have to get Mr. Helix to his new dorm, and you need to get back to your dorm.” She told, Marklin and Jasper gave each other one last small kiss and ran off to there respective houses.


       Marklin was up late, staring at the small leak in the ceiling over his bed. His cat was curled up on his bed so he couldn’t turn over. He was alone, the other boy he had had in his dorm moved rooms and Marklin ended up alone. Marklin stood and put the bucket back, so that the leak wouldn't make his bed wet. Marklin cast a silent repair charm at the leak, it started to drip faster. Marklin sighed and sat at the desk in the room. He lit the candle and opened his book, his cat jumped up and fell asleep on the side of his desk. Marklin levitated a book from his shelf to himself quickly. He opened the old leather bound book to a well worn page and looked at his cat. He smiled as he cast a silent spell at him.


       “McGonagall!” Marklin screamed, he burst into the study of the professor in question. She looked up from her desk.
       “What are you doing up this late?” She asked, Marklin held with cat in his arms with the book. She stood seeing the mid transfiguration and the cat trying to call out in agony. “What did you do!” She screamed.
       “Someone changed a spell I’ve been practising in my book!” Marklin called, tears still running down his face violently as he cradled his old tom. McGonagall stood and looked closer at the cat, she took a deep breath.
       “Dumbledore should know much better what we should do.” She said calmly.


       Marklin cried into his his now healed cat. The two professors looked on quietly.
       “I checked the book, some one did change the spell to a half transfiguration curse, who would do that to him, no other house was seen entering Slytherin in the last few days.” McGonagall told.
       “Let’s search the boy’s room, maybe we can find something there.” Dumbledore told, he walked up to Marklin. “You are exempt from class until the end of the week. We would like to search your dorm, is that ok?” Dumbledore said quietly.
       “You can search my dorms, sir.” Marklin gulped.


       Marklin watched the professors go threw his dorm. They all became caught up with the leak in his ceiling.
       “Repairio!” Lockhart cast at the leck, it started to drip faster. McGonagall rolled her eye’s.
       “Repairio!” She cast, it dripped faster.
       “A cursed leck in his ceiling?” Dumbledore mumbled. “It’s not even on a corner or edge of a stone, it’s in the center of one.”
       “Some one, it seems, does not like Mr. Heisenberg,” Snape chilled, Marklin tightened his grip on his cat.
       “Marklin, do you know who could have done any of this?” McGonagall asked.
       “No, the only people who have ever messed with me is those Ravenclaws, and they stopped after the meet up in library.” Marklin said quietly.
       “Well, I guess it has to be someone who you don’t know then, unless...” Lockhart called.
       “Unless what, professor Lockheart?” Snape asked.
       “Unless the boy is stageing it all!” Lockhart exclaimed, they all looked at him, confused beyond compare. “Think of it! The story of his Hex is no longer fresh in the minds of the gossip pool, maybe now he’s being cursed, next time someone unnamed pushes him off the edge of some stairs.” Lockhart theorized. “Look, at this well worn and obviously loved book of his, that he obviously has been reading recently! I bet if you open it up, nothing will happen, I bet he put that leak there, and I bet that he changed the spell himself and cursed his own cat!” Lockhart yelled, Marklin started tearing up at this point, and was shaking.
       “Gilderoy! You're scaring the boy to pieces, and it wasn’t even a spell that he knew or could have known without being the restricted section!” McGonagall snapped, he pulled Marklin into a hug gently.
       “He has several books from the restricted section in here! Look, this book that he obviously likes to read, would be targeted! Let me open it and show you-!” Lockhart called loudly. Something exploded out of the book as Lockhart opened it. Marklins instincts kicked in and without thought he jumped to Lockhart’s side and cast several silent healing charms onto Lockhart without any hesitation. Marklin was still crying softly, and some of his tears dripped onto Lockhart as he healed him. Lockhart sat up and stared at Marklin.
       “Thank you…” Lockhart said quietly, Marklin wiped some of his tears away.
       “You’re welcome sir.” Marklin said, he started to hiccup lightly as he cried. He fixed Lockhart’s clothing quickly.
       “I didn’t mean to accuse you like that-” Lockhart started to apologize, Marklin stood, turned, and punched a new hole into the old wall of his room. He started to cry harder as he stood there, staring at his bloody hand angrily.
       “Why does everyone around me get hurt!” Marklin screamed, he leaned into the wall and started to cry harder. “I try to help a friend, I get burt! I try to help him again, I almost kill my teacher! I hex a kid for no reason! I influence another student to reflect a curse back onto several student! I almost kill my cat and a professor, all in one night! I’m worthless!” Marklin screamed in agony, the professors where quiet as they watched him break down.
       “We’ll leave you be.” Dumbledore told, Him and Snape both seemed to dissipate suddenly, McGonagall Transfigured, and ran off quickly and slickly, and Lockhart, noticing them gone, sprinted out of the room clumsily. After a while, Marklin calmed, and layed on his bed with a flop, dumping the full bucket of cold water on him and his bed. He whined and flipped the soaked quilt onto him quickly, falling asleep angrily.


       Marklin hadn't been seen anywhere but in class for almost a week. This concerned many students.
       “Have you see Marklin?” Kathie asked some Slytherin boys as they walked past. They ignored her and continued there conversation. Jasper and Edward walked up beside her, remaining quiet.
       “No one’s seen him.” Jasper told her.
[AU-W] At One End
Isted on finishing museums, or doing any work on anything I've already started, I made an AU based at Hogwarts!

We get to see our first look into the wizarding world with some familiar faces.

Ok, this entire story is pretty vague, but, it's easing us into the- well, you'll have to find out next time
Up Late by Fire-Cooking
Up Late
Marklin stays up, trying to study for his worst class, but for his favorite teacher!

I've been working on an AU based on Harry Potter, I drew this and thought I might share it with you all!
Knight in shining armour by Fire-Cooking
Knight in shining armour
Was messing around in SAI, and this fine piece of engineering was created...

I might do some over mech knight stuff, but for now, Marklin
Kermit sprite animated
Just the Kermit sprite from the other day animated in piskel

Edit: I watched him while listening to different songs and he sinks up to any song! Try it! Would I lie?
Kermit sprite
I put this together quickly while setting up my mom's GIMP on her computer


You're my best friend. I can talk to you, and you'll listen. And I'll always listen to you when you talk to me. I'll always tell you the truth. And you have always told the truth to me. You always degrade yourself, and that kills me. You are a beautiful person. You're funny and kind. You always have a positive outlook. You're still working hard on some things some people would have forgotten about. I will never understand why you look down on yourself. Why do you degrade your wonderful self? And I'll always be thankful for you, and how you are always there in my life. Thank you, you always have been here for me. I just can't say it enough, thank you.

And Thank you also for asking questions, even the mundane or weird questions you ask. Without questions in my life, I would never think. I would never explore. Without the reality check that the questions bring, I would never finish anything. I would never kick into gear and write that script or finish that fan-fiction. Without the questions you ask, I would be useless to anyone and everyone. Your questions help me think, think until my head hurts and I'm raring to write and create. They go from just simple inquires about a plot point to huge questions, like will I ever have a life partner?

You make me think farther beyond my horizons. Will I ever find a life partner? Well what do I want in one? What type of personality would I look for? Will I ever find the right person? That one question has given me so many meaningful questions as a result. So many that I've been thinking about day and night. Toiling over the little details of what I want in life, where I see myself in the future. You always ask me just the right questions, you always make me expand my small outlook. Now I have only one question for you…

TTTEFANS, you've always asked me the right questions. Now I have only one, single question for you...

Will you, TTTEFANS, my best friend and squish, be my life partner?


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Foamer, Treky, Zader, Hetalian, TAG fan, teenager with a novel in the works!

what could possibly go wrong?

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